“My creative process centers around the utilitarian object and the features that make it easy and pleasant to use: functionality, design, colour, tactile appeal. I’ve always admired the skill of my ancestors who, with very little, took time to fashion everyday utensils from humble materials such as wood and hemp twine. The simple beauty of these handcrafted treasures still moves us in present times. I want to express that same spirit of resourcefulness with contemporary flair, for today’s homes. ”

Monique Ste-Marie is at the forefront of a new generation of designer-makers who apply a modern aesthetic vision to traditional techniques. In 2012, she completed the Textile Construction Program at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT) and now has her own atelier in Montreal.

She has previously worked in graphic design and multimedia production, while fueling her creative passion through a constant exploration of heritage crafts. In December 2012, the designer exhibited for the first time at the Salon des métiers d’art du Québec, Canada’s most important professional showcase for artisans. Her unique textile baskets are now available in selected boutiques.

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